Castle Craig Convention Bonus Points Program

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This year because the 10-10 Convention is being held in Connecticut and sponsored by The Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10 we have a special bonus program to offer.

The Castle Craig Chapter will have a chapter table at the 2013 1010 Convention in Windsor Locks, CT in July  and be represented by N1API the CM / CH of the Chapter.  We hope everyone will stop by and say hello.  Even if you are not a paper chaser please stop by, sign our guest log and say hi so we can meet and greet you.

All those attending will become Honorary Locals (HL) for the Castle Craig Basic number HLs are those chapter members who are in the local ground wave area of the chapter.  All chapter members who attend the convention will get a 100 point bonus to your Castle Craig Plus just for attending.  If you participate in the parking lot net you will get an additional 100 point bonus for the net, for a total of for 200 points added to your Castle Craig Plus.  For those who join The Castle Craig Chapter at the convention, participation in the net will qualify you for all awards up though and including the Constitution State award and with the points available at the net we hope to see some nice upgrades from our members.  Once you obtain all the basic awards you only have to submit Castle Craig Plus point for your upgrades.

For those who are unable to attend the convention will will give a bonus of 100 points for making a contact with anyone of the 10'ers who are at the convention or any Connecticut 10'er during the period of July 9th 2013 to July 15th 2013.  This will give everyone who has propagation a chance to work those who arrive early on Tuesday for the BOD meeting and also those who are leaving Monday from the convention.  Please send your log information to the CM N1API via his listed email address to claim your bonus points.

We, (of course), will be signing new members up at the convention.  We encourage anyone who is interested in joining the chapter to look over your list of contacts for one of our many IQs, (anyone over 8 points), and apply for the chapter number before the convention for yourself and your club.  Information on the Castle Craig Chapter, it's history and award program can be found on the
Chapter Information Page.   Please contact N1API via email if you are interested or have any questions.

We hope to see you in Connecticut in July!

-73-  Al  N1API
Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10