Castle Craig Chapter
10-10 International Net
at the
ARRL Centennial Convention
Hartford Connecticut
July 17, 18, 19, 2014

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  • ARRL President Kay N3KN, MARC President Jim N1ZN
  • Mark K1PU working the QCWA booth and sporting his ARRL Centennial Polo Shirt
  • At the 10-10 International booth, Mel KD5DE and Al N1API

Photos by N1ZN

  • Castle Craig CH/CM Al N1API, 10-10 President Mel KD5DE, Rob VE3KM
  • ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN, Castle Craig CH/CM Al N1API
  • Castle Craig CH/CM Al N1API
  • Gordon West WB6NOA
  • The booth in it's 'natural' sate
  • 10-10 Pres Mel KD5DE sporting his ARRL Centennial shirt
  • Mel KD5DE and Rob VE#KM (Rob with a cup of 'Ham Fuel!)

Photos by N1API

  • Left - Al N1API, Center - Mel KD5DE, Right - Rob VE3KM manning the 10-10 booth
  • Bill N1JBS selling his heart out at the Lentini Communications booth
  • Connecticut Section Manager, Betsey K1EIC
  • Betsey's twin sister, Barb K1EIR
  • Seated - Harry W2HD, Past ARRL and QCWA president
  • Steve WV1X of the ARRL staff and QCWA chapter 149 Secretary

Photos by K1PU