Sign up as a New Member before the Convention

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As we prepare for the Convention here in Connecticut, we are preparing the paper work for the Castle Craig Bonus Program for the Convention.  There will also be an announcement concerning this coming soon. Check the Castle Craig News page for the details.

We are ready to start to welcome new members to the chapter in preparation for this event.  If you are interested in joining our certificate program you only need to work an instant qualifier.  Any station that shows 8 points or more on their Castle Craig is an Instant Qualifier and we are eager to have you join.  We would like to sign as many stations up as possible before the convention.  If you are interested please send an email with the call of the station who qualifies you to the CM
N1API.  So avoid the convention rush and join now!

Also if you are trustee of a club station and would like a number for your club's certificate list please send the CM an
email.  We issue Castle Craig Numbers to club stations on request of the trustee or person in charge of operation of the station.  Also if you are the operator of a club station that has a number and you and do not have a Castle Craig number and would like one please contact the CM.  You qualify for a number as the Club's trustee.

We look forward to welcoming as many new members as possible.

-73-  Al  N1API
CH/CM Castle Craig Chapter of 10-10